About us

Law@Work is a dynamic professional services entity that aims to serve clients in the most people-based service industry in the world, being the area of HR, labour law and labour relations.


To be a trusted forensic, HR and labour law advisor for business partners all over southern-Africa.


Law@Work intends to be a respected player in the forensic and labour law market, while being acknowledged as providing excellent client service.


We offer our clients a retainer fee relationship.  This has the benefit of receiving preferential treatment and real-time support while qualifying for discounted professional fees.

What is a retainer fee?

A retainer fee is a fixed payment on a monthly basis that ensures you are able to budget for a bouquet of services  at a fixed fee.

Retainer fees are capped at a fee that is agreed to, based on your requirements.  You only pay for additional services and clients do not receive invoices for petty charges like phone calls, faxes and so on.

The retainer fee is based on:

  1. The needs of the client
  2. The number of employees
  3. The industry / sector that the client operates in
  4. The number of visits to the client per month

This fee model involves regular payments of a set fee to cover all work done in the period concerned. Retainer fees are payable in advance. This advance payment is the primary rationale for the discount we apply to our retainer fees.  The retainer fee is based on a discount on equivalent hourly rate-based fees.

Benefits of partnering with us:

As part of the retainer package, you also get:

  1. A free legal compliance review
  2. Reviewing, updating or drafting of policies
  3. Completion of forms and contracts on your behalf
  4. A monthly newsletter with updates on legislation and caselaw
  5. Posters with the Summaries of the EEA, Health and Safety Act and the BCEA
  6. An anonymous reporting mechanism via fax or email.